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Salsa, not just a dance but a whole amazing and diverse genre of Music. Spanning over 6 decades of releases, Salsa has a huge back catalogue of awesome tunes just waiting to be discovered!

To call this a list of the 40 best salsa songs is probably a misnomer, music is very subjective and there are so many great tracks that are amazing for different reasons, indeed a list would immediately change if you were more specific and said it was for listening or for dancing. Never the less this list does its best to introduce 40 Salsa songs guaranteed to inspire and delight you, on and off, the dancefloor! We compiled this list to suit a variety of listeners, it contains some popular salsa songs that a long term dancer might deem played to death which however might inspire a first time newbie, and also contains some rare salsa tracks even other DJ's may not yet have discovered. We hope you enjoyed these cracking tunes, feel free to share with others. 

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In no particular order:

# Artist Track Name Type Listen on Youtube
01  Tromboranga Charuppi  Salsa Dura
02  Tito Puente Ran Kan Kan Mambo
03  Frankie Ruiz La Cura Salsa Romantica
04  Tambora Latina Sicilian Latin Jazz Latin Jazz
05  Tommy Olivencia Cosas Nativas  Salsa Dura
06  Avenida B Luvia Con Nieve  Salsa Dura
07  Angel Canales Nina Mele Salsa Dura
08  David Cedeno Cuando Se Acabe La Rumba Salsa Dura
09  Johnny Vazquez Paparrin Salsa / Timba
10  Joe Arroyo                                      Rebelion Salsa Clasica
11  Alfredito Linares (DJ Gonzo) Tiahuanaco Salsa Dura
12  Louie Ramirez & Ray De La Paz Todavia Salsa Romantica
13  Danny Gonzalez Y Su Orquesta Papa Montero Salsa Dura
14  Orquesta Salsa Latina Mucho Guaguanco Guaguanco
15  Tito Rodriguez & Nelson Pinedo Aquelle Noche Mambo
16  Latin Tempo Papa Boca Salsa Dura
17  Joe Loco Yo Loco Loco y Ella Loquita Salsa
18  Jesus Gomez Y Su Grupo Amor Falso Guaguanco
19  Michael Stuart Lluvia  Salsa
20  Al Delory  Zum Zum Babae Latin Jazz
21  Sin Taboo Orquesta  La Fuerza Del Guaguanco Guaguanco
22  La Sucursal S.A.  Caigo Salsa
23  Orquesta Yambu  Moises Latin Jazz
24  Ruben Lema Y Su Sonora  Anacaona Salsa Dura
25  La Maxima 79  Pobrecita Guaguanco
26  El Gran Combo  Achilipu Salsa Dura
27  Clasicom  Le Dio Pami Timba
28  Willie Colon  Tiempo Pa Matar Salsa Dura
29  Porfi Baloa Y Sus Los Adolescentes  Sera O No Sera Salsa Romantica
30  Hector Lavoe  La Fama Salsa Dura
31  Charles Fox  El Misterioso Mambo
32  Larry Harlow  Bobo Tu Te Queradas Salsa Dura
33  Tito Puente  Complicacion Mambo
34  Tito Rodriguez Jr.  Eclipse Latin Jazz
35  Bloque 53  La Palomilla Salsa
36  Javier Vazquez  Siguelo  Salsa Dura
37  Roberto Roena  Estas Equivocado Salsa Dura
38  Ray Ramos Y Su Sonora  Avisale Mi Contrario Salsa Dura
39  Ray Santiago Y Su Orquesta  Pa' Que Nadie Me Olvide Salsa
40  El Combo Moderno  Escucha Mi Guaguanco Mambo / Guaguanco

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