salsa music isnt dead

For many of us dancers, when we think of great music we often look to the past, the classic tracks of the 1970's - the heyday of the Salsa Orquesta's. The following 80's and 90's are often unfairly blacklisted as a bad time for Salsa (which perhaps ill cover in another post), but indeed the sad fact is very few people are aware of the awesome music currently being brought out by today's musicians and in fact new releases by some of those very amazing yester-year artists too! So below i've compiled a short list of some of the recent releases that I like to throw down at our nights and think should be celebrated. I hope you enjoy them!

1. Tihuanaco - Alfredito Linares & DJ Gonzo (Buy from itunes)

2. El Hijo Del Tambor - Ray Rodriquez y Swing Sabroso (Buy from CD Baby)

3. Golpe Con Melodia - Tromboranga (Buy direct from artist)

4. Tendre Que Cambiar - Clandeskina Orquesta (Buy from CD baby)

5. Sin Taboo Orquesta - La Fuerza Del Guaguanco (Free download link on El Chino's website)

6. La Gripe - La Maxima 79 (buy from itunes)

Like La Maxima's - La Gripe (the flu) great music is infectious, so why not help support these amazing artists so that they continue filling our lives and dancefloors with incredible new music! You can get involved by simply purchasing their music, or even just share this post and spread the word!

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