Intermediate Salsa Syllabus - Smooth Dancing : Class Videos

Each week we teach new routines that often build on, or incorporate moves, techniques and concepts learnt in previous weeks. We hope that this will help our students retain and use what they learn. To further this we provide video's for our students to refer back to. Below is a chronological list of our previous Intermediate Salsa classes.

Wednesday 18th March - Monthly Theme: Smoothness

This partnerwork routine focuses on a set of moves that should flow smoothly one after the other, in the second crossbody move there is a very strong emphasis on extending the move across counts 3 and 4 (or as i was calling in class 'threeee'). Milking the three. This sort of pattern should work very nicely for music where its quite smooth and melodic, romantic. Followers notice Holly does a nice Ronde with her leg at 0:09, this is started on the counts 'and 7'. Leaders may notice I added a sharp pause in at 0:28 to match the music, this sort of thing is simple but very effective.

Wednesday 25th March - Monthly Theme: Smoothness

This weeks routine builds on the previous week, with special focus on recapping the first move which I think has a particularly nice feel to it. the second move at 00:08 is a variation of the cross-body inside turn. note that the bounce preparation for the follower is led on count 5 and angles her in the opposite direction to the way she will turn, this is to make it easier and more natural for the follower. Leaders take note that we power the preparation of the turn not the actual turn itself (the follower should be more than able to do this under her own momentum).

Wednesday 1st April- Monthly Theme: Smoothness

Once again we are repeating the first move from the previous weeks. This is the last time we will cover this move. Additional comments about the long lead back is that leaders should be extra careful who is behind them when they do it. They must make sure they do not blindly step back on another couple. The second move again is a straight forward crossbody inside turn followed by the leader doing a 2 oclock turn which becomes part of his preparation for the ladies double spin, this is an extremely powerful move in that you can lead triple and quadruple spins from it with a good follower. The lead should accelerate smoothly into the spin from count 4.

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